All The Things You Need To Know About El Tunco El Salvador

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Memories are made in El Tunco - anonymous blogger El Tunco El Salvador is a tiny off the beaten path beachside town. Made up of just two streets, it's not the place to come if [...]

Scenes From Caye Caulker Beach

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I looked down at the crystal clear water that lapped at the dock. A school of tiny fish swam by. Their silver scales shimmered in the bright sunlight. To my right, a young woman practiced [...]

How We Survived One Day In Dodgy Belize City

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We were standing on the side of the road in Belize City. In front of us was a sad and dilapidated building, its grey weather-worn walls reminiscent of an old farm shed. We'd arrived in the [...]

3 Archaeological Sites In Mexico That’ll Blow Your Mind!

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Mexico is a fascinating country full of ancient cultures, mysteries and spectacular natural wonders. And if you're interested in learning about ancient cultures and civilizations, then the archaeological sites in Mexico will blow your mind. [...]

Scenes from Mexico

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Scenes from Mexico is a photo array of our remarkable time in Mexico. Mexico is a place I've wanted to visit for a long time. I remember back when I was a young lass, organising an interstate [...]

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Teotihuacan – An Incredible Day Trip From Mexico City

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Visiting Teotihuacan will take your breath away. If your first glimpse of the majestic pyramids doesn't make you gasp then climbing them will. The city sits at an elevation of 2,300 metres and the climb [...]