If you want to ensure the safety of your personal belongings on your next big adventure, then get yourself one of the best anti-theft travel bags.

The best anti theft bags for travel are big enough to carry everything you need for a day of sightseeing. And have built-in safety features to protect your things against pickpockets.

If you’re considering getting an anti theft travel bag then you’ll love this guide. As I’m going to take you through everything you need to know to ensure you buy the best anti theft bag for you.

In this guide, I’ll explain exactly what an anti theft bag is, as well as the various features you should think about to ensure you buy the perfect bag for you.

In this anti theft bag review guide, I’ll also look at some of the top anti theft bag brands such as Travelon and Pacsafe.

And take a look at some of the best rated anti theft bags currently on the market.

So whether you’re in the market for the best anti theft backpack, the best cross body bags for travel or one of the best anti theft handbags, I have no doubt that you will find exactly what you’re looking for in these anti theft bag reviews.

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What is an Anti Theft Bag and Why Should you get one?

An anti theft bag (sometimes referred to as a theft proof bag, slash proof bag, pickpocket proof bag or secure travel bags) is basically a bag that has various built-in features to help protect your personal belongings and electronic information.

Unfortunately, in some destinations, thieves prey on tourists knowing that they’re likely to be carrying lots of valuables.

For example, for a day of sightseeing, you may have a camera, smartphone, portable charger, passport, credit cards and a wad of cash.

Things that the average person just doesn’t carry with them on a day to day basis.

Some of the typical things thieves do include:

  • Cutting through the strap of a handbag;
  • Scanning ID or credit cards inside of a bag that is unprotected;
  • Slashing through the material of the bag so the contents fall out of the bottom; and
  • Pick-pocketing a bag that has been left unzipped or is easy to unzip without detection.

Your standard backpack or handbag just doesn’t protect you against any of the above.

So, by getting yourself the very best anti theft travel bag, you make it more difficult for thieves to access your valuables.

You can get an anti pickpocket bag in a variety of types such as an anti theft travel backpack, an anti theft crossbody bag, an anti theft messenger bag or anti theft handbags.

In fact, you can even get anti theft clothing too!

They don’t have to be ugly either as there are some quite stylish anti theft bags to choose from.

And there are great anti theft bags for men as well as some great anti theft bags for women and kids too.

Keep reading below for the various built-in security features that come with theft proof travel bags.

Our Pick for the Best Anti-Theft Travel Bag: Travelon Classic Bucket Bag

Don’t have time to read my entire anti theft bags review?

Well, my pick for the best anti theft bag travellers will love is a Travelon anti theft cross body bag.

This is the Travelon Classic bucket bag, which I personally own and love!

I used this anti theft crossbody travel bag every day during our 13-month trip around the world.

I love it because it has plenty of space for everything I need during a day of sightseeing.

And it has some excellent built-in security features such as RFID blocking pockets, slash-resistant straps and a spacious locking compartment.

Check the price on Amazon here. 

The Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags Comparison Chart 2022

The table below provides a great overview of the various anti theft bags reviewed in this guide. You can easily compare their features side by side.

Keep reading below for the full anti-theft travel bag reviews.

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack Backpack 6 X 16 X 12• Comes in various colours • Locking compartment • Lock down straps • RFID blocking pockets • Slash resistant straps & bodySEE HERE!
Bobby XD Design Backpack 6.7 X 15 X 18.5• Comes in black or grey • Hidden zippers and pockets • Cut proof material SEE HERE!
Pacsafe Metro LS450 Backpack 18.9 X 12.2 X 6.3• Comes in 6 colours • RFID blocking pockets • Lockable zippers • Lock down straps • Slash resistant straps & body SEE HERE!
Travelon Urban Messenger Bag 4.2 X 13 X 11• Comes in black or slate • Locking compartment •RFID blocking pockets • Slash resistant straps & body SEE HERE!
Waterfly Crossbody Sling Cross Body/Sling 6.7 X 2.75 X 13• Comes in 3 colours • Hidden compartment • Locking zippers • Slash resistant straps SEE HERE!
Travelon Classic Lite Cross Body/Sling 4 X 14 X 8• Comes in various colours • Locking compartment • Lock down straps • RFID blocking pockets • Slash resistant straps & body • LED light SEE HERE!
Pacsafe Metrosafe Cross Body 3 X 9.5 X 11.5• Comes in 5 colours • RFID blocking pockets • Lockable zippers • Lock down straps • Slash resistant straps & body SEE HERE!
Pacsafe Citysafe CS100 Hand Bag/Cross Body 9.1 X 12.6 X 3.1• Comes in 4 colours • RFID blocking pockets • Lockable zippers • Slash resistant straps & body SEE HERE!
Travelon Signature Hand Bag/Cross Body13.8 X 3 X 11.5• Comes in various colours • Locking compartment • Lock down straps • RFID blocking pockets • Slash resistant straps & body SEE HERE!
Travelon Classic Bucket Hand Bag/Cross Body 14 X 10 X 4• Comes in various colours • Locking compartment • Lock down straps • RFID blocking pockets • Slash resistant straps & body • LED light SEE HERE!
Baggallini Backpack Purse

Backpack purse12X11.5X18.Range of colours . Removable RFID-protected purse . Transforms from backpack to satchelSEE HERE!

The Best Anti Theft Cross Body Bag Reviews

1) Best Anti Theft Crossbody Bag: Travelon Classic Bucket Bag

Travelon bags are some of the most popular and best quality anti theft bags on the market.

So you won’t be surprised that I have 5 different Travelon anti theft bags featured in this guide.

The first Travelon anti theft travel bag to be featured is the Travelon Classic Bucket Bag, which is the crossbody bag that I own and love.

This crossbody anti theft bag is jam-packed full of security features.

It contains a lockable large main compartment with RFID blocking card and passport slots.

A slash resistant body and shoulder straps that can also be locked around a stationary object.

As well as lockable zippers and removable LED light which is super handy to locate things at the bottom of your bag.


This Travelon anti theft cross body purse is big; so perfect for those who carry a lot of stuff with them during a day of sightseeing.

You can easily carry your DSLR camera, purse, smartphone, water bottle and umbrella. In fact, it has built-in external pockets for your water bottle and umbrella.

This Travelon bag is a great looking anti theft handbag.

It also comes in a crazy number of different colours so you will definitely find a colour to suit your personal style – I’m getting purple next time.

For anyone looking for women’s anti theft travel bags, I think this Travelon bag would have to be one of the best travel handbags out there.

Check the price on Amazon here.

2) Travelon Signature Anti Theft Bag

The Travelon Signature is yet another fantastic option for women looking for travel safe handbags.

The Signature is similar in size to the bucket bag above however with more of a slim design.

Again this is a large anti slash bag featuring a deep main compartment that has 5 RFID blocking card slots, as well as space for your passport.

Other internal compartments include a zippered wall pocket and a drop pocket for items you need to access quickly and frequently.

At the rear of the bag is a large zippered pocket perfect for all your travel documents and at the front a further two compartments with lockable zippers.


Like most Travelon crossbody bags the body and strap of this bag are made from slash and cut-resistant fabric. It’s water-resistant too.

You can also lock the bag to a post or chair to prevent thieves from running off with it when you’re in transit or sitting at a café.

Coming in a range of colours, this is another example of the great range of Travelon handbags that are perfect for travel and everyday use.

Check the price on Amazon here.

3) Pacsafe Citysafe CS100 Anti Theft Travel Handbag

Pacsafe is yet another company that excels in making anti theft bags, and this next bag is a fantastic example.

Smaller than the previous two options, the Pacsafe Citysafe CS100 Anti Theft Travel Handbag is a functional and stylish bag that is suited to travel or a city inspired occasion.

Similar to most Pacsafe handbags, the CS100’s fabric is embedded with a lightweight wire mesh that protects from slash-and-run theft.

The bag’s spacious main compartment also features an RFID blocking pocket which can fit all your e-passports, credit cards or key cards.

The CS100 also includes an iPad compatible sleeve for quick and easy portability.

Like the previous Travelon Signature, this Pacsafe bag features a slash resistant strap and a ‘turn and lock’ security hook to secure the bag to a fixture (such as a chair leg or pole) for added security when out and about.


The CS100 is smaller than the previous options. But still features a spacious main compartment that can easily store your smartphone, camera, water bottle and wallet.

This bag would be perfect for day-to-day sightseeing at your holiday destination, or your day to day trips in the city.

With a classic silhouette design and four colour options, the Citysafe CS100 Anti Theft Handbag combines style with practical features to outsmart thieves and keep your holiday fun.

Check the price on Amazon here.

4) Pacsafe Metrosafe LS200 Medium Crossbody Bag

Our fourth option is another Pacsafe messenger bag. This time it’s the Metrosafe LS200 Medium Crossbody Bag.

If you’ve been looking for more of an anti theft bag for men, then this is for you. It’s perfect for exploring a new backroad or taking a stroll in a new city.

Most Pacsafe anti theft cross body bags feature anti-slash-and-run theft fabrics, and the LS200 is a great example. With anti-slash fabrics and strap, this bag is an excellent pick to protect your things from thieves.

Like the previous Pacsafe bag, the Metrosafe features a padded sleeve for up to a 10-inch tablet and features an RFID blocking pocket to protect your personal data.


Although featuring a more masculine design, this bag would look excellent on anyone’s arm.

This slash proof cross body bag has room for your wallet, notebook, phone and headphones with two external pockets for your water or umbrella.

As the name implies, the Metrosafe is more designed for urban travels throughout the city. Although this bag would work perfectly as a day-to-day holiday bag.

Pacsafe are known for combining practicality with style, and the best-selling Metrosafe LS200 Medium Crossbody Bag is no different.

A high-rated customer favourite, the LS200 would be an excellent choice for those after the best anti theft crossbody bag.

Check the price on Amazon here.

5) Travelon Anti Theft Classic Lite Sling

Moving back to another Travelon bag, let’s look at the Travelon Anti Theft Classic Lite Sling.

This anti theft shoulder bag is light and practical whilst still being secure and safe, making it an excellent choice for your travels.

Like other anti theft sling bags, the Travelon Classic Lite features the industry standard slash resistant fabrics and strap.

However, the Classic Lite goes above and beyond with individual locking compartments and a reversible sling strap for your left or right shoulder.

This Travelon sling bag has a roomy main compartment that has an extensive interior organiser with RFID blocking card and passport slots.


The front compartment has locking functionality, has an LED light and can fit your phone, a notebook or up to an iPad mini.

The Classic Lite also has an exterior zip drop pocket designed for your smartphone and a mesh expansion pocket which is ideal for a water bottle or umbrella.

This Travelon anti theft sling bag is a versatile bag that comes in a variety of colours and can be worn simply over the shoulder or across your body.

This bag is a fantastic way to carry all your necessities throughout the day, without having to worry about theft or the loss of your items.

Check the price on Amazon here.

6) Waterfly Crossbody Bag


The Waterfly Crossbody Bag makes this list as our budget option.

A small, lightweight option, this anti theft body bag is made of premium cotton linen and is a lightweight, breathable and stylish bag.

Whilst not featuring an abundance of room, the Waterfly Crossbody Bag is still perfect for fitting your necessities for the day.

Similar to most cheap anti theft bags, the Waterfly Crossbody Bag does not feature any RFID protectant pockets.

However, this bag really sells itself on its premium material. The cotton linen makes the bag an extremely comfortable fit and has the added bonus of being water-resistant, which will keep your items safe from both sweat and rain.


Like other anti theft crossbody travel bags, the Waterfly Crossbody features a slash-proof strap, with a theft-proof buckle and zipper.

A hidden zipper pocket is also located on the body-side of the bag, this is ideal for storing valuables such as wallets, bank cards or passports.

The Waterfly Crossbody Bag is a cheap, stylish and urban crossbody bag.

With a hidden earphone hole on the side of the bag, allowing for easy listening to music at any time, this bag will definitely be your jam if you need just a little safe space to store your necessities while you’re on the move.

Check the price on Amazon here.

7) Best Anti Theft Messenger Bag: Travelon Urban

Once again, another Travelon bag makes our list, this time the Travelon Urban, which is a great option for anyone looking for an anti-theft man bag.

The Travelon Urban Messenger Bag is spacious and comfortable, ideal for travelling to and from work or just general holidaying.

Like many slash proof travel bags, the Travelon Urban includes a slash proof strap and body and a locking compartment inside the bag.

The bag also features an organisation compartment that has RFID blocking card and passport slots. Thieves will have no luck attempting to steal your valuable items from this messenger bag.

This Travelon shoulder bag has some innovative features that take it above and beyond some of our other options.


The bag is spacious with plenty of room for all your day-to-day necessities such as a phone, laptop, tablet, water bottle, notebook, wallet and much more.

The bag also comes with an ‘Add-A-Bag’ strap, which essentially allows for another small extra bag to be connected to your own. This adds even more space for your items and makes carry on travel much easier.

The Travelon Urban is a spacious but comfortable messenger bag that will safely and securely hold all your necessities throughout your travels.

It’s an excellent option for the everyday man.

Check the price on Amazon here.

Best Anti Theft Purse For Travelling Review

There are travel purses on the market that claim to be anti theft. But, none of them stack up against these secure purses for travel when it comes to having the features necessary to keep your things safe from theft. Below you’ll find our top anti pickpocket purse choice.

8) Baggallini Anti Theft Convertible Backpack

The Baggallini Anti Theft Convertible Backpack is a sleeker more fashionable option than your everyday backpack.

With its removable RFID-protected phone wristlet this stylish travel purse will easily take you day to night.

It’s a slim backpack with limited space so not recommended for those who carry a lot of belongings.

However, it’s the best anti theft backpack purse for travellers who like to only carry the essentials. 

This Baggallini backpack features slash proof SecurTex fabric panels. And a fantastic zippered pocket that’s hidden against your back. Just perfect for a small wallet or passport. 


One of the things that makes this backpack stand out is that it can easily be turned into a cute anti theft shoulder bag. So while it’s great for sightseeing, this purse not out of place at a restaurant either.

The adjustable cut proof straps can be attached to a post or chair, and there are heaps of pockets for great organisation including a battery packpocket.

This is the best travel purse backpack for minimalist travelers who are looking for a versatile design.

Check the price on Amazon here.

Best Anti Theft Backpack Reviews

9) The Best Anti-Theft Backpack: Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450

Yet another Pacsafe bag to make these reviews.

This time a great choice for those looking for the best anti theft backpacks, the Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450.

This Pacsafe anti theft backpack is loaded with security features as well as great organisation. It’s perfect for those wanting something a little larger than a shoulder bag.

Made from lightweight, hidden eXomesh Slashguard material that protects against slash and run theft. This slash proof backpack will give potential thieves no chance.

The RFID blocking material built into a pocket of the main compartment will help to protect your ID and credit cards against hacker scanning.

The interior of these Pacsafe travel bags includes a zippered main pocket, a roomy interior slip, and two front pockets with organisation for cards, passport and phone.


It also has two side stretch pockets for an umbrella or water bottle and adjustable shoulder straps.

Other great features of this pickpocket proof backpack include a padded 15-inch laptop sleeve, a Lockabout security clip and smart zipper security to help protect against pickpockets.

The various Metrosafe Pacsafe bags are highly recommended and this bag is no exception.

For anyone looking for great anti theft backpacks, this is a great choice with so many security features and is ideal for travel or even your daily commute.

Check the price on Amazon here.

10) XD Design Bobby Backpack

The XD Design Bobby Backpack is a fantastic choice for those of you that are looking to commute with a laptop or tablet.

Featuring a basic but sleek design, this Bobby anti theft backpack allows for charging within the bag itself, whilst keeping your valuable technology safe and sound.

The XD Design Bobby Backpack is an anti theft daypack that is made from cut-proof material. It has hidden zipper closures and secret pockets are found on the body-side of the backpack.

The bag also has an integrated USB charging port that allows you to connect your power bank on the inside of the bag. So you can charge your phone or laptop while you’re on the move.


The Bobby fits a 17-inch laptop and a tablet up to 10 inches, and there are various sleeves within the compartment for your phone, water and pens.

Also featuring water-repellent material, the XD Design Bobby Backpack is perfect for commuting with technology that you need to keep safe.

This is the ideal backpack for someone that needs a backpack for their day-to-day commute. But also needs something that can store their laptop and/or tablet.

Check the price on Amazon here.

11) Travelon Anti-Theft Backpack Classic Design

You’ve got to appreciate the classics, and this is no different with Travelon.

The Travelon Classic is a basic but functional backpack, that is extremely versatile in use. This bag is certainly one of the contenders for simply being the best theft proof backpack.

This Travelon anti theft backpack features a large main compartment. You can pack enough in this bag for a day out or even a 3 day holiday!

The bag also has a zippered front organisational compartment, that’s perfect for storing your pens, cards and school or personal supplies.

This cut proof backpack has a slash resistant body, with adjustable and slash resistant straps.


There are also RFID blocking card and passport slots to keep your personal data safe while you’re on the move.

Along with locking compartments to ensure your items cannot simply be pickpocketed.

Simple in design yet functional in use, the Travelon Classic is truly a classic anti pickpocket backpack.

If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to travel with all your items, whether it be on a special trip or simply for everyday use.

Then the Travelon Classic is definitely a great choice for you.

Check the price on Amazon here.


Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Anti Theft Bag

Here are a couple of things to consider when purchasing an anti theft bag.


Anti theft bags come with a variety of built-in security features such as:

Secret Pockets: 

The best anti pickpocket bags will have hidden pockets or small internal compartments that give additional protection to your most valuable items.

RFID Protection:

RFID anti theft bags are highly recommended to protect yourself against identity theft.

Thieves can have the technology to steal your electronic information just by walking past you on the street. They are able to do this by using an RFID reader to scan your cards through your bag.

RFID travel bags have a special pocket within the bag where you can store your cards to prevent electronic theft.


Don’t leave your bag over the back of a chair or sitting under the table. Thieves are great at snatching your bag without you even realising it at the time.

Some anti theft bags come with the ability to lock your bag around a fixed item such as a table leg or armrest. They also come with compartments within your bag that have lockable zippers to foil pickpockets.

Slash Proof Construction:

A cut proof bag is made with super durable fabric which includes steel mesh that stops thieves who use knives to slash open backpacks. And then physically steal your belongings.

Security travel bags have straps with steel cables which make it impossible to cut through.

YKK Zippers:

Ensure your theft resistant travel bag has high-quality zippers that aren’t easily pried apart.

You also don’t want poor quality zippers that break mid-trip and you can no longer close your bag. Annoying and a risk!

Water Resistance:

An anti theft waterproof bag or even a water-resistant bag will help protect your items from rainy weather or accidental spillages.

Type Of Anti Theft Travel Bag

Probably the most important thing you need to consider when purchasing a theft resistant bag is the type of bag you want.

As mentioned above, anti-theft bags come in all shapes and sizes including a theft proof backpack, theft proof sling bag, secure travel purse bag, and anti theft handbag.

It really is a personal preference as to the type of secure travel bag you buy and what you feel most comfortable with.


Like any other bag you purchase, you need to buy a bag that’s appropriate for what you wish to carry.

During a day of sightseeing, you could be carrying a camera, a smartphone, wallet, guidebook, water bottle, umbrella, portable charger, notebook and pens.

If you’re the type of traveller that wants to be prepared for everything, you’re going to want to ensure you buy a classic locking security bag large enough to hold everything.

Whilst if you’re the type that just goes out with your smartphone and wallet, maybe a small theft proof messenger bag or travelers purse will do.


Internal and external compartments are important, not just to keep your belongings safe, but to keep them organised too.


Things to consider when looking at straps include padding, breathable fabric, and whether they are removable and adjustable.

You are most likely going to be carrying this anti pickpocket bag around with you all day over several days. So you’ll want something that’s comfortable to wear.

Tip: Keep your money and passport extra safe with this hidden pocket infinity scarf.

Best Theft Proof Bags Quick Links

1) Travelon Classic Bucket Bag

2) Travelon Signature Anti Theft Bag

3) Pacsafe Citysafe Travel Hand Bag

4) Pacsafe Metrosafe Crossbody Bag

5) Travelon Classic Lite Sling

6) Waterfly Anti Theft Crossbody Bag

7) Travelon Urban Messenger Bag

8) Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450

9) XD Design Bobby Backpack

10) Travelon Classic Backpack

11) Baggallini Convertible Anti Theft Backpack

What Are The Best Anti Theft Bag Brands?

If you’re looking for a quality safe bag for travel then the most popular and best bag brands are:

  • Travelon
  • Pacsafe

These two brands make some of the best anti-theft bags on the market.

Both brands take pride in manufacturing a wide selection of travel security bags, including anti theft RFID bags, secure travel handbags, slash proof bags, safe travel purses, and anti-theft travel backpack.

Why are they so popular? Because their security bags are well designed and stylish and use the best technology to keep your belongings safe.

All of their theft safe bags have similar anti-theft features and come with slash-proof mesh fabric, steel cords in the straps, RFID blockers, and lockable zippers.

Pacsafe vs Travelon who wins? You the buyer. Both of these brands make excellent anti-theft travel bags and you can’t go wrong with whichever brand you choose. 

But, the most popular antitheft bag brand and our personal choice is Travelon.  

Is Baggallini a good brand? 

Yes, it is. 

Their safety travel bags have all the necessary anti theft features to keep your things safe. And if you’re looking for the best travel purse for Europe, Baggallini has fashionably designed styles and colours that will take you anywhere.  

Tips For Using Travel Safety Bags

Here are some extra tips for using safe travel bags and antitheft purses.

  • Don’t hang your bag on one shoulder. Instead, wear it across your body.
  • Wear backpacks over both shoulders.
  • Don’t keep everything in one bag. I spread my money and cards around different hiding places.
  • Keep yourself and your bag away from the curb to avoid motorised bag snatchers.
  • Keep your hand on your bag when you’re on trains and buses, or in busy market places.

Final Words: Do You Really Need An Anti Theft Bag?

Pickpockets and thieves hang around busy tourist attractions, sometimes they even work in pairs. While an antitheft bag can’t guarantee you won’t have your things stolen, it can definitely boost your chances of keeping them safe.

Believe me, nothing will ruin your trip faster than having your precious valuables stolen by a slash and grab thief. Besides being a distressful experience, it’s a major headache to have to report a theft and or missing passport.

A theft proof backpack or purse for travel is a cheap and affordable way to give you peace of mind.

And there are so many stylish options to choose from you can even use them as a chic everyday bag as well. Which makes them an even more affordable option.

In the end whether you need an anti-theft travel bag is up to your own personal choice and comfort level.

But for me, the peace of mind that comes with the added security measures makes it a no-brainer. It just makes sense to buy a bag that makes a pickpocket or bag snatcher’s life more difficult.   

Now you know everything you need to know to buy the best anti-theft bag for you. I hope I’ve helped you find the best anti-theft travel bag for you! 

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