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About Us

Do you wake up in the morning wishing you were lying on a beach in Bali?

Do you go to bed at night dreaming of mountains and sparkling waterfalls?

Do you imagine exploring places you’ve never been and eating food you’ve never tasted?

Perhaps like us, all you think about is travel, and your deep burning desire to escape the humdrum of every day life.

You dream it.

You imagine it.

You want it.

You feel it in your soul.

You want to explore this magical world of ours and discover its hidden mysteries.

You want to smell the spices of a Moroccan bazaar, hear the roar of a lion and see how blue the Indian ocean really is.

You can’t do that by reading a book.

Varkala sunset

Travel is about living in the moment and drinking in all that you can see, feel, smell and hear. It’s about the people you meet,  the connections you make and the cultures you explore.

It has the power to change lives.

Hi. We’re Andrew and Audrey.

Us at Sparkes Lookout

Welcome to our blog.

We caught the travel bug over 30 years ago, and with a limited income have managed to save  enough money to travel overseas every year. We made a conscious decision to choose experiences and everlasting memories over possessions.

A choice we’re incredibly glad we made.

Even if some people did find it odd!

andrew on train

audrey and girls petra

At the age of 19 we travelled overseas for the first time, to Fiji, our hearts were overflowing with anticipation and excitement.

Little did we know it would be the catalyst for a lifetime obsession with travel.

Since then we’ve: travelled to over 20 countries, got engaged in Hong Kong, honeymooned in Phuket (in 1988! ), and travelled the world with our children.

Our most memorable trip was an incredible four-month journey we took with our kids in 2000.



Kids with friends in Pai

This was pre-internet, pre mobiles, pre-social media, pre-everything!

We remember going to the library (who had a computer at home?) and logging into Lonely Planet’s thorn tree forum; we weren’t just looking for travel tips we were looking to connect with people like us.

People looking for adventure.

Who rejoice in the unknown and delight in the different.

Who put their fears aside to follow their heart.

With the wisdom to know, that the amazing happens when we reach beyond the known.

Now we want to help you live your dreams.

We’re here to show you, you can travel anywhere in the world with the one you love; have life-changing experiences together, and beautiful shared memories of travel.

So let’s get started on your dream today.

Pop your email in below and get started on your dream today!

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Drinking coffee in Jerusalem