Do you read Facebook posts about other people’s holidays, or look at travel photos on Instagram and think “How can I save money for travel?”

Wanderlust is calling your name but you feel paralysed, and the idea of coming up with even a few hundred dollars seems impossible.

Budgets and spreadsheets make your toes curl, you feel overwhelmed, and quite frankly it’s all just too hard.

We get it. We’ve been there.

On our first few trips, it was easy to save money for travel. We were young, had full-time jobs, and lived with our parents.

This was Australia in the 1980’s times were good!

Then along came marriage, kids, and a mortgage. Things were different. We had responsibilities. We had debt!

But the desire to travel never left us (there’s no cure for the travel bug), and before long we were looking at maps and reading guidebooks once more.

Making the decision to go was the easy part, working out how we were going to pay for it was another thing.

Spreadsheets and mind-numbing budgets make our eyes glaze over. And the last thing we wanted was a restrictive spending plan. Uggh!

But travel costs money, even if it’s less than people often think. And cash-strapped as we were we needed to save money for travel.

We didn’t have high paying jobs, (we still don’t) but by using these strategies we managed to make our travel dreams a reality.

And you can too.

3 Easy Ways To Save Money For Travel

1. Your Why

Only I can change my life. No-one can do it for me.

– Carol Burnett.

You think about saving for travel but then you procrastinate.

You work out a budget but then you don’t follow through.

And this happens over and over again.

What gives?

You’re not focusing on your why.

Your why or in other words your motivation is what kicks your butt into gear! It’s what forces you out of procrastination and into action.

Without it, you’re likely to float along in life not really achieving anything.

Whereas when you focus on what you really want, all your efforts go toward achieving the life you crave.

And it’s what will get you through the tough times.

If you keep your eyes on why you’re doing this nothing will be able to get in your way.

Here are some ways you can nurture your why and keep your motivation strong.  

Imagine living your dream trip every day – Find a photo that really inspires you, print out a hard copy and stick it on your fridge.

Make it your desktop picture for inspiration every time you use your computer.

If you don’t have one already, get an Instagram account and follow hashtags of your favourite destinations. (You can follow Gumnuts Abroad on Instagram.)

Create a vision board – Making a vision board is a wonderful way to keep your mind on your goal and your life headed toward that magical holiday.

Spend an hour or two having fun cutting out inspiring images, words and phrases from magazines.

Then pin or paste them to a board of some kind, and place it where you can see it every day.

Look at it when you wake up in the morning to remind you why you’re doing this.

Talk about it –  Spend any time with us and we’ll soon be telling you about our next trip. Talking helps keep you excited.

Your dreams seem more of a reality and you start to believe this trip is possible. It’s really gonna happen!

So tell your friends, family, co-workers, your neighbours, and the check-out chick at the supermarket! Spread the word. You’re going on holiday!

Hiking Georgia

2. Pay Yourself First

Personally, I tend to worry about what I save, not what I spend. – Paul Clitheroe

Do you ever say these sentences?

“I’ll start saving for travel when I have more money”

“I’ll take that trip when I have more cash”

“There’s never any money left to save”

We used to say them too.

Until we realized we had it back to front. We were paying bills and buying groceries and trying to save whatever money was left over (there never was any.)

Essentially, what we were doing was telling ourselves that the power bill was more important than us and our goals.

Something had to change, we deserved more and so do you.

There are many strategies you can use to save money, but none are as simple or as empowering as paying yourself first.

And it’s without doubt, the reason we’ve been able to travel all over the world.

So what does pay yourself first actually mean?

Paying yourself first is saving money from your income before you actually spend any.

Don’t complicate your life with endless spreadsheets and restrictive budgets, simply take your savings from the top and spend whatever’s left over.

We set up an automatic transfer into a bank account we couldn’t easily access, and it wasn’t long before our spending adjusted to the change in available funds.

It’s so easy. Simply:

  • Decide how much you want to save
  • Take it off the top
  • Set and…
  • Watch your savings grow!

Santorini - How to save money for travel

3. Prioritise

The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life. – David F Jakielo

We meet a lot of people who say they want to save money for travel but they never seem to get past just wanting it. You see the thing is, they fail to make it a priority in their lives.

Every moment of every day we’re creating our own destiny through the choices we make. To make your vision a reality to save money for travel, and create the life you crave you need to make it a priority.

It’s easy to fill our lives up with empty purchases that hold little value or benefit. But you are in control of what you spend.

You have the power.

Decide what matters most in your life.

Is that fancy car, big house or designer handbag really that important to you? Or are you just buying things because society says they’re important?

Everyone is different and what one person values another may not. There’s no way I’m going to give up my daily coffee, but I only shop for clothes two or three times a year.

Instead of signing up for a new phone,  Andrew’s managed with his dodgy old one so he can keep watching sport on pay T.V.

It can be hard to challenge the status quo, to do something different, to be different, but by being true to yourself and your priorities you’ll be headed toward your dreams instead of away from them.

Make saving money to travel a magical, joyful journey. Imagine how brilliant you’ll feel knowing you made it happen?

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